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Our weekly look at the world of Independent Wrestling with interviews, discussions, and discovering the next big thing!

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  • DJ Z is a Free Agent | Indy Mayhem Show

    March 7th, 2019  |  28 mins 58 secs

    Long time Friend of the Show DJ Z returns to the studio on the eve of WrestleRex as we catch up with his recent free agent status, his last year with Impact Wrestling, returning to his home at International Wrestling Cartel one last time, and light suit maintenance.

  • Sadie Gang | Indy Mayhem Show

    February 28th, 2019  |  33 mins 9 secs
    colby redd, darin dinero, international wrestling cartel, sadie gang

    Darin Dinero returns with his latest tag team partner Colbie Redd as we get to know Redd, talk about toning back their wrestling schedule for their other careers, their home at International Wrestling Cartel, their video series for alternative training and more!

  • Greywolf Raventhorne | Indy Mayhem Show

    February 21st, 2019  |  30 mins 26 secs
    greywolf raventhorne, monster factory, motivational, pro wreslting

    Greywolf Raventhorne is a 13 year veteran who chats with us this week about bodybuilding, using pro wrestling as a canvas for his art, his presence on social media, and presenting a positive mental attitude.

  • Happy Hour | Indy Mayhem Show

    February 14th, 2019  |  44 mins 11 secs
    amazing velvet, atlanta, b furious, battleground championship wrestling, brett fury, el sid, fight society, frothy beer, gulf states extreme, jay eagle, michigan, pittsburgh, south carolina, uprise, xpw

    It's happy hour on Indy Mayhem Show with...Happy Hour! He's the happy guy at Fight Society and other promotions representing Fury Brewing Company, but we talk about his long history in wrestling as El Sid, Brett Furious, and B Furious across Atlanta, Michigan, South Carolina, and more with Gulf State Extreme, XPW, Battleground Championship Wrestling, stories with Amazing Velvet, Jay Eagle and more!

  • Intergender Wrestling Panel 2 | Indy Mayhem Show

    February 6th, 2019  |  1 hr 36 mins
    emily fear, honey badger, intergender wrestling, jinx, marcus mann, nia jax, ring of honor, royal rumble, ryse wrestling, talking honor podcast, women's wrestling, wwe

    We are back with another Intergender Wrestling Panel with our esteemed panel pro wrestlers Honey Badger and Jinx, Ryse Wrestling Head of Talent Relations Marcus Mann, and PWTorch "Talking Honor" Podcast's Emily Fear. The crew discusses the shift in intergender wrestling with Nia Jax in the men’s Royal Rumble, the lack of women vets behind the scenes on the local level, and how that could change, and much more!

  • "Sexy Fireman" Jason Tyler | Indy Mayhem Show

    January 31st, 2019  |  31 mins 33 secs
    fire department, firefighter, internatinal wresting cartel, pro wrestling, wrestling gear

    "Sexy Fireman" Jason Tyler joins us to talk about his roots in a real Fire Department, his introduction at International Wrestling Cartel against Bulk Nasty, and making sure you have the properly spelled gear when you debut as a professional wrestler.

  • Pro Wrestling Newz 'n Viewz | Indy Mayhem Show

    January 24th, 2019  |  54 mins 55 secs
    armstrong cable, bill apter, pro wrestling, wwe

    Randy Bodell, John Pithers, and Pat Gallagher of Pro Wrestling Newz 'n Viewz join us on the show! Their show has been a mainstay on Armstrong Cable systems for 18 years influencing many members of the Pittsburgh Pro Wrestling scene. We discuss the inception of the show, their history with pro wrestling through photography (and which one of the guys you can find on WWE Network ringside), and John's wrestling themed wedding that involved a scuffle with Bill Apter, and some pinball?

  • Absolute Thomas Mathis | Indy Mayhem Show

    January 17th, 2019  |  25 mins 50 secs
    fight society, fitness, pro wrestling training, renegade wrestling alliance

    We chat with Thomas Mathis about his path into pro wresting, from figuring out what to do with his love for fitness after high school to his Dragonball Z inspiration in how he presents himself as "The Absolute".

  • Rosa Mendes | Indy Mayhem Show

    January 10th, 2019  |  30 mins 4 secs
    divas search, fcw, iwc, mcw, ovw, rosa mendes, total divas, wrestling training, wwe

    Rosa Mendes is best known for her years in the WWE and Total Divas, but more recently, she has been training to be a part of this generations "Evolution". We discuss the ACL injury that has put those plans on hold, her experience with the Divas Search, training in OVW and FCW, experiences on Total Divas, her recent venture with Totally Fit Mama, and what she's learned from her years in the business, motherhood, and building her own business.

  • Zeke Mercer | Indy Mayhem Show

    January 4th, 2019  |  27 mins 36 secs
    black diamond wrestling, fight society, zeke mercer

    Zeke Mercer is just over 8 months as a pro wrestler and has made impressions in Fight Society and Black Diamond Wrestling. We discuss his introduction to wrestling via video games, training, amateur wrestling, Low Ki, and more!

  • The STD Christmas Special 4 | Indy Mayhem Show

    December 20th, 2018  |  2 hrs 7 mins

    The Sexy Talented Dudes are back to celebrate Christmas as IWC High Stakes Champion Chest Flexor, Ginger, Billy Ruxpin and Corey Futurisitc join us. But you never know who may stop in as "Sexy Fireman" Jason Tyler, Chris LeRusso, and King Frown join in!

  • Marshall Gambino and Prospect Pro Wrestling | Indy Mayhem Show

    December 13th, 2018  |  37 mins
    international wrestling cartel, marshall gambino, prospect pro wrestling, renegade wrestling alliance

    Marshall Gambino is back and talking about his new indy wrestling promotion, Prospect Pro Wrestling. We talk about his career with International Wrestling Cartel and Renegade Wrestling Alliance, giving a chance for younger talent to mix it up with more veterans in the area such as Super Hentai and John McChesney and some thoughts on the Pittsburgh Wrestling landscape.

  • Bronco McBride | Indy Mayhem Show

    December 6th, 2018  |  51 mins 56 secs
    bronco mcbride, dj z, indy wrestling, international wrestling cartel, renegade wrestling alliance

    We talk with Bronco McBride about meeting a young John Rodin, trainng with Shiima Xion/DJ Z at the Iron City Wrestling Academy, debuting as Blue Collar Slaughterhouse with International Wrestling Cartel - IWC, growing into singles wrestling, and his current feud and tag team championship situation at RWA PRO- Renegade Wrestling Alliance.

  • Elijah Dean & Ryan Dye | Indy Mayhem Show

    November 29th, 2018  |  54 mins 21 secs
    elijah dean, indy wrestling, international wrestling cartel, man dime, ryan dye, the professor, wrestling training

    "Man Dime" Elijah Dean & "The Professor" Ryan Dye recently had their first matches at IWC Proving Ground 7. We talked with them in the weeks after their debut to talk about their path to professional wrestling, their colorful characters, and more!

  • Noctus | Indy Mayhem Show

    November 22nd, 2018  |  39 mins 24 secs

    We talk with Noctus about his years in the army and what that did to help him prepare for wrestling training with with the Iron City Wrestling Academy, opportunities with International Wrestling Cartel and Renegade Wrestling Alliance, his worst match ever in Wheeling, WV, and his goals of making New Japan.

  • John Rodin | Indy Mayhem Show

    November 15th, 2018  |  39 mins 3 secs

    John Rodin has had a rocky career since his days training with DJ Z at the Iron City Wrestling Academy. He talks about his friendship with who would become his tag team partner Bronco McBride as Blue Collar Slaughterhouse, his poor attitude and eventual depression, and coming out to transform himself, his body, and his career in pro wrestling as he builds in Renegade Wrestling Alliance and more!