Jaxon Argos Sets the Record Straight | Indy Mayhem Show 177

Episode 181 · September 21st, 2017 · 34 mins 53 secs

About this Episode

We don't normally preempt already scheduled interviews. However, when someone shows up at the studio demanding air time and causing a public disturbance, it was either let him on air or call the police. Suffice it to say we didn't want to deal with the paperwork associated with arresting him. So, Jaxon Argos made a rather abrupt appearance for this week's Indy Mayhem episode. You know what, we're going to let Jaxon's list speak for itself.

Agenda of Argos

For those who either don't want to pull up the image or can't read Argos' writing, the "Agenda of Argos" includes:

Topics of Discussion:

"Unbreakable" - Oct 14th
Wheeling, WV - Oct 27th
"Winner Takes All" - Dec 9th
Tim Hortons

Locked & Loaded
Maxwell Jacob Friedman
Josh Briggs
Mike Orlando
Myron Reed
Jimmy Vegas
Matt Conard
Andrew Palace crossed out with notation on parentheses "not worth it"
Bulk Nasty
The Mega Downers
Jimmy Shane
Justin Plummer
Chris LeRusso
To Do:

Laundry checked
Fill gas tank
Practice springboard
Clean gear checked
Daily Reminder:

You are beautiful, strong, and handsome. Do not listen to Lance.

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